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Art as a Universal Tool to Heal

Hosted by Grieving Coach

Art as a Universal Tool to Heal
Expressing our grief is vital when faced with loss or tragedy. But what if you don't have words to describe what you're going through? Learn how art can give us tools to more fully express ourselves.

This event is scheduled for Monday Sept. 26th at 5pm Pacific Time US which is TUESDAY Sept. 27th at 10am in Sydney Australia.

Whether you're a professional artist teacher or not even a doodler, come explore how you might build a relationship with grief through art.

In this workshop Grief Coach Jenny Dilts and Artist Jean Kropper will explore the umbrella topics of Grief and Art and how they can intersect. We will discuss different facets of grief-- how it's universal, individual, and unique to every person-- as we play with different art techniques to express what we're learning and experiencing.

No art experience is necessary. Bring some markers and some paper, or even just pencil and some scrap paper for this fun and interactive workshop on grief through an artist's eyes.

Jenny will lead the discussion portion on grief and how Jean used art to heal, then Jean will take over for the artistic portion with exercises we can do to give expression to the experiences we are going through.

Jenny Dilts

Jenny Dilts is part travel buddy and part grief expert. A Certified Grief Coach, she guides people as they deal with grief in their own way, in their own time, without expectations, judgment, and despair. Jenny accompanies them along the journey and invites them to move towards creating a life of joy and purpose. Through her own work, she has developed a friendship with Grief that fuels her passion to support others through coaching and grief education.

As a result, Jenny has also transformed her personal life from living in the shadows to shining brightly as an individual, wife, and mom of 5. Jenny is the founder of Grieving Coach and host of the podcast Share Your Story: Exploring humanity one heart at a time.

Jean Kropper

Jean Kropper is the founder or Paper and Pixel where they make cool things out of paper that excite the senses and inspire response. She also leads meditative workshops and masterclasses for professional artists as well as for those who identify as non artists.

Jean loves meaty conversations and seeing magic of people coming from completely different backgrounds and connecting with nuggets of common humanity. She can be found at

(Photo credit: Jean Kropper)

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