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Beyond the Shadow: Emerging into a Sense of Possibility

Hosted by Sasha Soreff

Beyond the Shadow: Emerging into a Sense of Possibility
How do we reach for possibilities and dreams when we've experienced so much disappointment? With empathy, embodiment, and movement-based expression, we'll invite a 2024 of Just Enough Possibility.

They say, most folx discard their new year’s resolutions within the first few weeks of January. They say, this year, a majority of folx didn’t even make new year’s resolutions. It makes sense – resolutions can be a recipe for more disappointment.

And who needs more disappointment?

And yet: isn’t it true that we want to change, that we want to grow, that we want to experience things differently than we have up until now?

How do we hold the sacredness of dreams, the power of yearnings, the promise of visions, while acknowledging the risks - the disappointment, demoralization, and even shame that can arise when things don't work out as hoped?

Would you love to find your way off the balance beam and onto a steady surface, a generous foundation? Would you love to be able to trust your capacity to be OK if you dare to dream and the dream goes unrealized or under-realized, or circumstances take a different turn?

You might enjoy this gathering:

  • If you are longing to have more access to possibility that is REAL, grounded in the realities of your capacity and circumstances.
  • If you know that experiences of the past are informing your sense of what is possible in the future, and you want to have more space to face forward freely.
  • If you’d like the support of a warm community in which to begin to dream in ways that feel fun and hopeful.

With empathy, embodiment, and expression, we'll explore what Just Enough Possibility looks and feels like. You’ll claim your most important (non-resolution, non-pressured) intention for 2024, and come away with 3 tools for moving forward.

All movement can be done seated, standing, or lying down, and all movement invitations are optional: you can fully participate whether you move or not, on or off camera. Space is limited.

About Sasha Soreff

Sasha Soreff is a New York City-based choreographer, dance teacher, certified Resonant Healing Practitioner, empathy/movement facilitator, certified transformational coach,and cancer journeyer.

Sasha weaves relational neuroscience, somatic movement, and transformational principles together to support participants in support of self-connection, nervous system resourcing, and healing. Sasha's presence is graceful and compassionate, creating an atmosphere of trust and openness, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the transformative power of empathy and soulful expression. Learn more about Sasha at


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