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Candid discussion about Living with Loss, One Day at a Time

Hosted by Rachel Kodanaz

Candid discussion about Living with Loss, One Day at a Time
Unfortunately we can't change the circumstances of your loss; however, Rachel can provide thought-provoking ideas that provide hope and optimism to embrace your loss, one day at a time.

Following the loss of a loved one, friend or co-worker, individuals are often challenged with navigating through their grief. In today’s society, time does not stop in support of those who have experienced a substantial loss – wrestling with demanding schedules, family obligations, relationships with friends as well as their own personal and family grief. Please join Rachel for an open conversation sharing current and relevant ideas of how to embrace your loss while maintaining a “normal” routine.

Rachel Kodanaz is a heart-minded author, speaker, and consultant helping her audiences embrace life’s challenges at work and at home. Overcoming her own adversity following the sudden death of her husband coupled with her experience in the management of large corporations, she is fully aware of the seesaw created when personal and professional challenges collide.

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