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Cultivating Playfulness and Creativity

Hosted by Sasha Soreff

Cultivating Playfulness and Creativity
Would you love to have more joy and playfulness in your life? Do you equate playfulnessness on some level with frivolity? Come explore the quality of playfulness in discussion and movement!

In times of stress, a sense of playfulness can be quick to disappear and slow to return without intentional cultivation. For some of us, acting playfully was subtly (or not) discouraged, and can be hard to come by organically.

In this space of creative expression, and empathic listening, rooted in the principles of Non-Violent Communication, we can reconnect with the playful parts of ourselves.

Choreographer and Transformational Facilitator Sasha Soreff, offers a gentle warm up, discussion and guided (optional) movement exploration. Whatever range of motion and mode of expression feels authentic and comfortable for you is welcome.

if you'd like to participate and cost presents a barrier, please reach out to


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