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Hosted by Cida Vieira, In honor of All My Relations

There is a continuum of life that constantly manifests through you, whether you notice it or not. Join this dance to contemplate the miracle that you are and your interdependence to all living beings.

“I can lose my hands, and still live. I can lose my legs and still live. I can lose my eyes and still live. I can lose my hair, eyebrows, nose, arms, and many other things and still live. But if I lose the air I die. If I lose the sun I die..." Jack D. Forbes

Both our conception and our survival depend upon our connection to everything that makes our life possible in this planet. When the awareness of our interrelation diminishes, it may lead to feelings of being stuck, emptiness, and lack of a sense of purpose. So, our next conscious dance practice will offer you the chance to mindfully explore your connection to yourself and to all living things. The invitation will be for you to breath with awareness, to step with intention, and to let your body be moved from within.

Dance skills or experience is not necessary. Your loving presence will be greatly appreciated.

Important note: this is a participatory event and it would be required that all who attend can turn the video camera on, at least during introduction in order to contribute to a safe space during our time together. Otherwise, the participant will be invited to leave the zoom meeting. I appreciate your understanding.


Movement & Dance Ritual & Ceremony Community Gathering Celebration & Remembrance Meditation
Wellness Spirituality Living Fully

This event is in honor of All My Relations

I honor everyone and everything that have and continue to make my life possible in this planet.