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End Of Life Midwives In Conversation

End Of Life Midwives In Conversation
Birgitta and Cheserae invite us into a conversation about our relationship with death, dying, and grief and share insights from their lived experience as end-of-life midwives.

Dying is an important part of living yet it is often hidden in the shadows and cloaked in fear leaving us isolated as we care for the ones we love or navigate our own final days. With precious few tools to support our journey and very few opportunities for conversations, to learn or share skills and information we find ourselves unprepared to support the experience of dying, death, grief, and caregiving.

End Of Life Midwives Birgitta and Cheserae are passionate about changing this dynamic. They invite us into conversation and exploration of our relationship with death. Creating space for us to ponder how we can live life to its fullest every day and approach dying and death with love, compassion, and non-judgment

We are grateful and honor the brave hearts who share our conversation spaces. We are committed to providing a safe place where you can just BE, find rest and company, or where you may share if inspired to do so. We embrace the JEDI principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion and believe that connection to one another, community, Earth, universe, and spirit is essential to the healing we all seek.

Bridging Transitions joins the passions and expertise of Birgitta and Chesrae, they serve clients and families seeking support for dying, after-death care, and grief. Bridging transitions facilitates community events, workshops, and retreats, and actively seeks to create bridges to health, hospice, and care organizations to support their staff and the people they care for. Based in Los Angeles and Ojai they love to travel and bring their offerings to new communities in an effort to grow community-based end-of-life care and empower us all to care for our own in life and death.

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