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Facing Grief in the HealthCare Workplace

Hosted by Grieving Coach

Facing Grief in the HealthCare Workplace
Are you facing burnout from caring for others? Do you feel helplessly limited in the care you can provide? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, know that you are not alone in how you feel.

HealthCare professionals have faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. These stresses keep us from connecting with others and living our lives. Long stressful hours, the inability to be with loved ones, struggling to provide the best care for patients, watching grieving families say goodbye remotely—all while being immersed in grief day in and day out personally and professionally.

Join Grief Workers Kevin Ringstaff and Jenny Dilts in creating a safe space to acknowledge and talk about this unique grief in the healthcare environment.

Facing Grief in the HealthCare Workplace is a 2.0 hour workshop where we can come together in an intimate, inclusive, confidential, and non-judgmental environment.

We will begin by sharing and witnessing our collective and individual griefs. We will then explore permanent skills to better take care of ourselves and others. There will also be time for small group discussions and writing to help us acknowledge and begin to process our grief. Our intention is to build permanent skills to better take care of ourselves and others.

Registration is limited to 20, but we are open to repeating the workshops. If your organization would like to hold an internal workshop, reach out to us and we can arrange something for your team.

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