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Grief to Growth Live

Hosted by Grieving Coach

Grief to Growth Live
Grief to Growth Live is a half-day transformational experience where you can build a more positive relationship with grief. Together we'll hold space for the weight as well as the benefits of grief.

How is your relationship with grief?

During Grief to Growth Live, Jenny Dilts founder of Grieving Coach will share her professional journey and how she got to where she is now. You will also get a glimpse of how unexpected grief can be converted into growth, based on Jenny's personal experience.

Come learn a simple 3-Step process for converting your own grief into growth and be equipped to manage the most common obstacles preventing you from doing so.

This event will not be available for replay so make sure to come ready for taking a lot of notes and diving deeply into navigating grief.

Jenny Dilts

As a co-host, Collaborator, and guest speaker Jenny Dilts has participated in and hosted a variety of events in the Reimagine community. She is part travel buddy and part grief expert. A Certified Grief Coach, Jenny accompanies struggling people in their grief journeys as they convert grief into growth. She loves guiding them to find long-lasting growth from their experiences without judgment, expectations, or despair.

As Jenny walks with others along their journey she invites them to create a life of joy and purpose. Through her own work, she has developed a friendship with Grief that fuels her passion to support others through coaching and grief education. As a result, Jenny has also transformed her personal life from living in the shadows to shining brightly as an individual, wife, and mom of 6. Jenny is the founder of Grieving Coach and host of the podcast Share Your Story: Converting Grief into Growth. She welcomes opportunities to create safe and brave spaces for grief conversations whether that be through podcasting, individual coaching sessions, or community events.

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