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Grieving Friends During COVID

Grieving Friends During COVID
Have you lost a dear friend during the pandemic, whether from COVID or not? Did you learn about their death via Facebook, a text, or email? How do you grieve your friends during a pandemic?

There have always been complications when a friend dies. Their family might not know how close you are, or they may not approve. They may not even know you're friends. Most bereavement policies don't consider time off when a friend dies. But COVID has added new complications.

You may not have found out until it was too late to attend a service. And those services, only allowing a small number of immediate family members in person, may not have been accessible online.

Where does that leave you and your grief when the world is in isolation? How do you honor your friendship in the middle of a pandemic? And how do you find solace for yourself?

We will begin our event inviting you to share a photo of you and your friend, or an object that had special meaning to both of you.

Victoria and Martie will share their experiences, too. Victoria has written six books about grieving the death of a friend. Martie's grief during COVID has not just been for one friend, but 20.

Join us to discuss the challenges of grieving friends during a pandemic, as well as ways to remember your friend during a time most people want to forget.


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