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Happy Hour SOUND BATH for the Rainbow Family

Hosted by Mindfully Mortal and Therapeutic Yoga with Ken Breniman, In honor of All of our LGBTQQIP2SAA+ ancestors who continue to guide us

Happy Hour SOUND BATH for the Rainbow Family
Dear fellow Rainbow family member, please join us for a celebratory and relaxing communal gathering where we can rest and restore free from any expectation or judgement. Proceeds go to HateIsAVirus

“Love takes off the masks we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” ― James Baldwin

Thanks for considering joining me in this 90 minute singing bowl sound bath honoring this month of June where the modern tradition of honoring all of us who are somewhere in that lovely ever-expansive alphabet soup acronym. I would like to invite you into the paradoxical yet profound experience of deepening your respect and love for yourself as an existentially inspired hu(e)man while simultaneously practicing nonattachment and letting go of needing to search for the answers to the BIG questions during our time together. Consider this a sweet serenade of crystal and multi-metallic Tibetan bowls as you rest into the good vibes they offer.

-If you are newer to participating in a sound bath, you can check out a sample sound bath here:

How to prepare:

  • Set an intention.
  • Have your earphones or ear buds ready.
  • Create a comfortable place to rest your body for 45 mins.
  • Have some herbal tea or water to hydrate the body after the sound bath.
  • And have a journal or a pad of paper ready for optional expressive writing.

Any donations will go to

More details about the rainbow colored energy centers:

There are 7 energy centers up and down the spine, each with a core theme that might manifest itself in the physical, emotional, even interpersonal realms. Each one is a color in the rainbow.

Singing bowls that are tuned to the vibrations and sounds of the chakras can help the energy up and down the spine. You can work with the energy through visualizing, through silently repeating a word, or any form of felt-sensing that works for you. There is no incorrect way to do these practices. And if this is your first time, just letting all of the above instructions go and enjoying is the way to be. :)

Ritual & Ceremony Music & Sound Community Gathering Meditation


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This event is in honor of All of our LGBTQQIP2SAA+ ancestors who continue to guide us

Fellow rainbow family members, please join us in a celebratory and soothing happy hour where all you have to do is lie back and rest into the good vibes of our singing bowls. Let us honor the ones who have come before us as well as those who will follow in our journey towards equality, equity, justice and self-love.

All proceeds go to