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Holding Paradox, In Words and Movement

Hosted by Sasha Soreff

Holding Paradox, In Words and Movement
How do we tend to our grief and still be open to joy? How do we allow all that we experience to coexist without becoming overwhelmed? Join Sasha for a conversation and movement-based exploration.

To hold paradox is to thoughtfully acknowledge the many potentially conflicting feelings, needs, and thoughts we can experience simultaneously. Embracing this multiplicity, with movement and empathy, can be a step toward wholeness.

This space of creative expression and empathic listening is rooted in the tenets of Nonviolent Communication. We welcome the many layers and complexities of our beings, moving toward deeper self-understanding, self-connection, and integration.

Note: All movement can be done seated, and all movement invitations are optional; all forms of creative expression and embodiment, including stillness, is welcome.

Sasha Soreff

Sasha Soreff is a New York City-based choreographer, and trauma-informed transformational coach and facilitator. In workshops, Sasha weaves relational neuroscience, somatic movement, and transformational principles together to support participants to discover deep self-connection and soulful expression—resulting in powerful, life-enhancing insights.


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