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Honoring Grief, Welcoming Joy, with empathy & movement

Hosted by Sasha Soreff

Honoring Grief, Welcoming Joy, with empathy & movement
When one has experienced loss, the holidays can be complicated. Join Sasha for empathic conversation and somatic movement around how to acknowledge grief- and joy- through this season.

There is so much societal pressure to have the holidays look and feel a certain way. But what is true, for you? How does one create space for celebration and joy when one's heart is aching?

When we are accompanied in our grief - and joy - we can become more present to ourselves and others. Resonant empathy, rooted in the principles of Non-Violent Communication an coupled with creative movement, invites us to compassionately connect with our experiences. The result is a way to meet ourselves with warmth and curiosity, tapping into expression that is authentic, unfiltered, heart-centered. This kind of loosely structured, creative movement can bring us from our heads into our bodies, and toward a deeper level of self-connection and healing.

Note: All movement can be done seated, and all movement invitations are optional; all forms of creative expression and embodiment, including stillness, is welcome.

About Sasha Soreff

Sasha Soreff is a New York City-based choreographer, dance teacher, transformational coach, empathy/movement facilitator, and cancer survivor.

In workshops, Sasha weaves relational neuroscience, somatic movement, and transformational principles together, to support participants to discover deep self-connection and soulful expression—resulting in powerful, life-enhancing insights.

Explore a recent "Mourning, Moving, & Accompaniment" offering on Reimagine's Vimeo channel:

Testimonial: “I lost a close friend to COVID-19, and the first place I really felt safe enough to consider my grief was in a workshop with Sasha. I always come away feeling understood, not only by her, but by myself. Sasha’s workshops have been essential to my personal growth and sense of self.” Krishna, New York

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