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Let Me IntervYOU! Episode #9

Let Me IntervYOU! Episode #9

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Kung-Fu Master Mark Lee Pringle, of Chinese-Scottish heritage, will share insights about honoring ancestors, the search for identity/-ies and passing on cultural heritages. Can “East” meet “West”?

Our Honored Guest is Kung-Fu Master (Sifu) Mark Lee Pringle. Raised in Ohio with Chinese-Scottish heritages, Sifu Mark has spent the past half century studying Chinese culture and martial arts. He established his own Kung-Fu Studio more than 30 years ago and he and his students support cultural events around The Buckeye State with Kung-Fu demonstrations and lion dance. With a nod to his Scottish bloodline, he plays the bagpipes dressed in a kilt made with the plaid design of the Pringle Clan. Committed to sharing heritage traditions, Sifu Mark nurtures his grandson’s interest in his Chinese roots. Our conversation will explore the intersection of identity and the honoring of ancestors and heritage. Welcome join us to share your insights about preserving cultural norms and practices. What are the challenges you have faced? Any wisdoms gained from exploring your roots? Do you honor your heritage, and how?

Host: Lily Liu, Family Caregiver

Guest: Mark Lee Pringle, Kung-fu Master (Sifu)


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