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Life Story Club Virtual Meetup

Hosted by Life Story Club

Life Story Club Virtual Meetup
Who is someone you looked up to as a child? Who was your childhood best friend? The Life Story Club meets to share stories, have meaningful conversation and make true friendships.

About the Club:

Get ready to share your unique, personal story! Gather your pictures, letters, mementos and notes and create your own memory book!

Make a beautiful collection of your life stories and family photos with Life Story Club every week, we'll gather as a group on Zoom to share our photos and the stories behind them. We'll help you preserve them in a personal memory book to make a great keepsake or gift for loved ones! To learn more, please visit

Registration Required. Please register now to receive your Zoom link to this virtual program. You will receive the link at 10am the morning of the program.

Please see prompts below: {Two prompts per session}

March 4th - 1. Tell a story about an act of selfishness; 2. What is something you appreciate about yourself?

March 11th - 1. What is something that you do, that is just for you; 2. Was there a time when you changed your mindset or way of thinking?

March 18th - 1. What did you do for your career?; 2. How did your work or career influence who you have become today?

March 25th - 1. Tell a story about a time you, or someone you love, did not accept defeat.; 2. Tell a story about a time you overcame your fear to do something spectacular.

April 1st - 1. What comes to mind when you hear the word "beauty"?; 2. Tell us a story about an act of love.

April 8th - 1. What is something you would like to change about the neighborhood you live in?; 2. Tell us about a great personal feat or something you are proud of.

April 15th - 1. What's the most memorable celebration or party you've ever attended?; 2. What is something you've proudly checked off your bucket list?

This program will end in a culminating event on April 29th, where participants will share some of their chosen stories with their friends and loved ones.


About Us:

The Life Story Club is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting healthy aging and reducing social isolation of older adults. We do this through the club meetings we run, where participants can socialize and make friends through sharing stories. We've worked with various community-based organizations, including public libraries, the Alzheimer's Foundation of America, as well as hundreds of individuals to preserve the life stories of their loved ones.

Linnea, our workshop facilitator, has a Master’s in Creative Writing and before making the move to New York, she taught English Composition at Minnesota State University. Over the past four years, Linnea has run numerous creative writing and storytelling workshops in Minnesota and New York. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her dog, Icarus, where she enjoys park-hopping and getting lost in museums.

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