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"Loss, Life & Love" Moving Forward: Reunion + Q&A

"Loss, Life & Love" Moving Forward: Reunion + Q&A
During this session, we can celebrate the steps we’ve taken from our personal action plans, reconnect with our buddies and bask in the green lens glow of our Loss, Life & Love community! Join C-TAC and Holistic Underground/Reimagine for more learning and Q&A, and a conversation about where we go from here.

10 J.E.D.I. principles for attending a Reimagine space

Please show up to a Reimagine space with these principles in mind:

  1. We honor the earth that is all of our shared home, and upon which all life relies upon to survive.
  2. We honor the original inhabitants and stewards of the land that we are on. For those of us living in places taken from their original people, such as the Americas and Australia, please refer to Native Land Digital's map to identify indigenous names of territories.
  3. We honor all the visible and invisible abilities and disabilities. We agree to be receptive and proactive in exploring ways to make this experience accessible to those who are differently abled, and to support each other with grace however possible.
  4. We honor the diverse ancestry, culture, heritage, complexion and racial identity of all those who are present.
  5. We honor the various beliefs, religions, faiths, creeds and spiritual inclinations of all people present. We agree to create a space where each person can express their faith without infringing on anyone else's safety, dignity or expression.
  6. We honor all forms of gender expression and identity and are dedicated to gender equity. This means that whether someone identifies as a man, woman, transgender, non binary or anything else, they are welcomed and respected.
  7. We honor all forms of sexual orientation. We are dedicated to supporting all people to love however is true for them, as long as that expression does not harm anyone else.
  8. We recognize that those present may have different levels of wealth, access to resources, statuses of documentation and migration, political affiliation, and agree to treat all present with dignity and respect as human beings.
  9. We honor that everyone has a story, other identities, other challenges, trauma, resilience, courage, beauty and depth that cannot be covered in a list or understood in its totality.
  10. We recognize that in most parts of our world, many if not all of these variables can determine the safety, health, dignity and freedom of individuals and communities, and we strive for a better way.


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