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My Mom Died Ten Years Ago: Ask Me Anything

Hosted by Kimberly Sowers

My Mom Died Ten Years Ago: Ask Me Anything
My story is part of my work. At times, people just want to have an honest talk about what it was like to lose my mom and what my grief and happiness look like ten years later. All questions welcome.

This year is the tenth anniversary of my mom's death. It's been a decade of missed moments, grieving, learning, growing, hurting, healing, anger, anniversaries, acceptance, re-emergence and reinvention.

More than my degree, certificates, and trainings it is my own experience with grief that has most prepared me to walk with others through loss.

Some of the most moving experiences I have had are open conversations with people who have honest questions and who want honest answers about the end of life and loss.

In this workshop I will answer some of the queries I have encountered such as:

What is like to have lost a parent?

What do I wish I would have done differently leading up to, or following her death?

How did my mom help me prepare to lose her?

What has helped in my grief and what has hindered?

How has loss impacted my life over the years, for better or worse?

We will touch on these questions and any others you may have.

The conversation will not be limited to the loss of a mother in particular but is framed here as a starting point.

No question is too big, or small, or too hard.

This conversation is for anyone who wants to have a real-talk dialogue with someone about their personal experience with loss.

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