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Pre-Valentine Dance Meditation

Hosted by Cida Vieira

Pre-Valentine Dance Meditation
Get yourself ready to be love this coming Valentine's Day by nurturing yourself with your own love medicine. Join the dance love movement!

“To be fully human we need to cultivate a relationship not only with other people, but also with our deeper selves and with Spirit.” ~ Robert Kull,

When you connect to your own source of abundance, the love you experience from within not only nurtures you, but spills over towards others as well...

So, I invite you to get ready for Valentine's day by dancing your way into your inner source of love, and let it spread it into the world.

The invitation is for you to breath with awareness, to step with intention, and to let your body be moved from within. Through this conscious dance practice you will be inspired to allow new personal insights to emerge, and to allow your capacity to co-create a more humane world. So, are you willing to join this dance with an open heart and with curiosity?

We will welcome everybody in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. No previous experience is necessary. Just bring your precious self, and come as you are.

Have a yoga mat or blanket for floor work

Please note: this is a participatory event and it would be greatly appreciated if all who attend can keep their video on in order to contribute to a safe space during our time together.


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