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Puzlkind: A Conversation About Money with Joline Godfrey

Hosted by Reimagine

The team at Puzlkind leads you in a digital co-creation experience that combines the art of conversation, the art of puzzle assembly, and art itself. Featuring financial educator Joline Godfrey.

With financial educator Joline Godfrey seated at Puzlkind's virtual puzzle table, Sarah Jane Lapp and Rani MacNeal facilitate a group digital co-creation experience that combines the art of conversation, the art of puzzle assembly and art itself.

This program is part of the January 2023 Reimagine Series “Grief, Growth, and Money” in which participants explore how to transform financial troubles and trauma into new pathways.

Puzzle assembly relaxes and focuses the mind, helping participants break down emotional walls. The puzzle also offers an apt metaphor for a collaborative community – each participant is an essential piece of a greater whole. Puzzles require perspective and patience, both of which are essential to sustaining communication and connection. For this conversation about money, we encourage you to invite your parents or children.

Wealth consultant and author Joline Godfrey will begin with a short presentation on the four types of financial stressors, and how concepts related to post-traumatic growth apply to financial fluency and responsibility. Puzlkind will then offer a quick demo of their jigsaw puzzle app and give participants access to various puzzles to assemble within breakout rooms.

Puzlkind Jigsaw Puzzles is a multiplayer jigsaw puzzle app with voice and presentation capability. This virtual event will take place on Zoom AND requires you to download the FREE app Puzlkind to participate fully. (The app is available as well on the gaming platform Steam.)You will receive information in your ticket and from the hosts to show you how to join online.

Ideally you should have two fully-charged devices (e.g., mobile, iPad, desktop): one for Zoom and one for the Puzlkind app.

Please download the app in advance for maximum playtime for all! You can play free puzzles!

If you are having any issues with the app please join us 10 minutes early for any troubleshooting.

Here is a video primer:


Joline Godfrey has been an innovator in financial education for children and parents for over two decades. Godfrey is the author of Our Wildest Dreams: Women Making Money, Having Fun, Doing Good; No More Frogs To Kiss: 99 Ways to Give Economic Power to Girls; Twenty $ecrets to Money and Independence: The DollarDiva’s Guide to Life; and Raising Financially Fit Kids. She serves a small coterie of private clients around the world, hosts a range of innovative programs, and continues to write and speak about issues relevant to thought leader families.

Godfrey’s invention of a developmental approach to financial education for family members from the youngest child to the oldest financial novice was a breakthrough in financial education which has earned her numerous speaking and consulting opportunities, including invitations to address gatherings that include Fast Company and Inc. 500 conferences; the exclusive Padres e Hijos gathering in Latin America, hosted each year by Carlos Slim; and an historic meeting at Ten Downing Street organized by Gordon Brown to encourage a more entrepreneurial UK generation. She has spoken to family offices from Dallas to Dubai and at many of the most prestigious family office gatherings in the world.

A Maine native, Joline graduated from the University of Maine, earned an M.S.W. from Boston University, and was awarded an Honorary Degree in Business from Bentley College for her achievements in financial education. Godfrey was a Kellogg Leadership Fellow and has been recognized in features for The Today Show, Oprah, Fortune, Business Week, Inc. Magazine, and The New York Times. She is the subject of a Harvard Business School case.

Her company, Independent Means, was acquired in 2015 and most recently Joline was the Managing Director of Family Programming for PNC Bank, helping them establish the Institute for Family Success. She now hosts The Unexpected Table, a gathering place for families, and is at work on a new book about what makes families thrive. Godfrey continues to work with private families on issues of financial fluency, readiness for the responsibilities of wealth, and the future. She lives in Tenants Harbor, Maine.

Sarah Jane Lapp (b. Minneapolis) co-creates, invents and implements soulful, salient and visually stunning solutions to life’s un-funny challenges. She graduated summa cum laude from Brown University and holds an M.F.A from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and was a Fulbright Scholar at F.A.MU./Prague. Sarah Jane’s collaborators include scientists and spiritual workers, educators and economists, renegades and renewable energy wizards and other comically-inclined visionaries. Together they have made telematic animated productions, broadcast interstitials, illustration and surface designs for paper goods, puzzles, and textiles as well #FelineTime, a series of magnetic/interactive Disco Cat clocks. During the Pandemic she and Mike Ferrier gave birth to the world's first multiplayer apps, Puzzle Together and Puzlkind Jigsaw Puzzles, peaceful places for people to puzzle, converse, and connect online.

Institutional support includes Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Media Grant, the Alpert Award in the Arts/UCross Residency Award, Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center fellowship, the MacDowell Colony fellowship, Jerome Foundation New York Media Grant, Foundation for Contemporary Performance Art Grants, Civitella Ranieri fellowships, and Artslink/CEC International Partners Media Grant. @puzlkind

Rani MacNeal has been in love with science, research, and process as long as they can remember. Ecological and mathematical systems modeling light them up and they can share many maritime moments. They recently joined the team at Puzlkind and are excited to facilitate and nurture community building and conversation. Rani’s roots include Texas, Maryland, and every rock band that plays at midnight. When Rani’s fingers are not piecing together puzls in pursuit of peace and justice, they can be found creating henna designs in Rhode Island and beyond…@unravelhenna


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