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This series invites us to articulate how our experience of Time shapes our human be-ing through practices of slow time: silence, shared reflection and creative response.

This series is the inaugural event in an extended on-going inquiry into what it means to be have "well-being." It is a perennial question, and yet, the questions seem to be multiplying daily as the wild world swirls in and around us. Our relationship to and with Time dictates the quality of our well-being. In this way, the question of our relationship with Time reveals itself as a spiritual issue. This series invites us to articulate how our experience of Time shapes our human be-ing.

excerpt from Sacred Time:

We orient ourselves/our lives/our living in the crush of here and now, goaded by Chronos time, moving linearly from one thing to another always towards some kind of quantitative end product or outcome. Chronos time is, after all, how we measure our worth and worthiness.

There is another kind of time our spirit intuitively knows and deeply longs for, that of Kairos, spacious time to unfold in accordance with our own rhythms. Kairos time "touches eternity."

This five-week series is informed by chapters from the book

Sacred Time by Abbey of the Arts founder Christine Valters Painter, who invites us to "look at time as a spiral--through the lens of each breath's rise and fall, the rhythms of the sun and moon, and the longer cycles of a lifetime, generations, and the universe itself."

Our time together will be slow time: expansive silence or meditation to ground us, gentle shared reflection followed by creative expression (art making, writing, journaling, etc.). We will close with an offering of blessing and gratitude.

Schedule for the Sacred Time series:

Sunday, January 9, 2022: The Breath and the 4 Questions

Sunday, January 16, 2022: Rhythms: Days, Weeks, and Sabbath Rest

Sunday, January 23, 2022: Waxing and Waning Lunar Cycles

Sunday, January 30, 2022: Seasons of the Year, Seasons of a Lifetime

Sunday, February 6, 2022: Expanding Time: Ancestral Time and Cosmic Time

I hope you will join us for all 5 sessions in this series. However, you are welcome to join us for the weeks your schedule allows. While you are welcome to read the book Sacred Time as part of this series, it is not necessary.

Please register by noon the Saturday morning before the sessions you will be attending: or call/text 413-348-2385.


A suggested offering for the full series of 5 sessions is a minimum of $125+ ($25 per session). If this amount is prohibitive, please offer what you comfortably and generously can weekly or in full. No one will be turned away.

Venmo and Paypal options, as well as checks and cash, are available.


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