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Share Your Grief: Secondary Losses Virtual Support Group

Hosted by Grief and Light

Share Your Grief: Secondary Losses Virtual Support Group
Virtual grief support group created for you. We’ll discuss secondary losses in grief. Led by a certified grief coach & grief facilitator.

Join us for the third of a monthly series. "Share Your Grief: Fear of Secondary Losses" Virtual Grief Group, an online event where we come together to support each other during the grieving process.

Meet your Facilitators:

  • Melinda Chinen, Certified Grief Coach,
  • Nina Rodriguez, Host of the Grief & Light Podcast and grief-informed support specialist,

This meeting’s theme is #secondarylosses in grief, which are the ripple effects of the primary loss that can impact various aspects of our lives, including relationships, routines, identity, and future plans.

These losses may not be immediately apparent, but can become more pronounced as time passes.

Some examples of secondary losses:

  • Social and Relationship Losses: Grief can strain or alter relationships. Friends or family members might not offer the support expected, and some relationships may even break down.
  • Financial Losses: The death of a loved one can lead to financial hardships, especially if the deceased person was a primary breadwinner.
  • Identity and Role Losses: The loss of a spouse, for example, may result in the loss of one's identity as a husband or wife.
  • Routine and Lifestyle Changes: Grief often disrupts daily routines and habits, affecting one's sense of normalcy and stability.
  • Future Plans and Dreams: People may have to let go of dreams or plans they had with the person who passed away.

Addressing secondary losses is helpful in the grieving process, as suppressing or ignoring these losses can lead to more confusion or prolonged emotional suffering.

Our compassionate facilitators will guide discussions and provide helpful insights on secondary losses in grief and how to navigate this nuanced landscape.

The event will take place on Tuesday, October 3rd,

  • 4-5:30PM Pacific Time
  • 7-8:30PM Eastern Time.

To participate, simply join the virtual session through the provided ZOOM link.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone feeling "griefy"
  • Anyone who wants to better understand grief
  • Anyone looking for support after loss
  • Anyone wanting to connect with other grievers
  • Anyone wanting to hear their loved one’s name
  • Anyone who wants to keep their loved one’s memory alive
  • Anyone looking to support a grieving person

What’s in it for you?

  • A space for you to share your grief, memories and love
  • Heart-to-Heart support from a Certified Grief Coach
  • Room to breathe as you navigate through this volatile reality
  • Proven tools to help manage grief in daily life
  • A community that genuinely cares
  • Feeling supported and less alone
  • Access to Private WhatsApp Group (optional)
  • So much more!

Your active participation is encouraged, but not required.

This virtual meetup will be casual, so feel free to join from wherever you like, however you like (think blanket and a comfy corner of your couch).

Feel free to bring a photo of your loved one(s), or anything you'd like to share.

Follow on IG: @griefandlight, @melindachinen for more information.

With love,

Melinda & Nina

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