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Share Your Story: Dee Bird, Grief and Life Coach

Hosted by Grieving Coach

Share Your Story: Dee Bird, Grief and Life Coach
Everyone has a story. Our experiences make us who we are. Join Grief Coach Jenny Dilts and Grief & Life Coach Dee Bird as we discuss what it means to be an effective comforter for those in Grief.

Have you ever wondered what makes someone tick? Why do they do what they do?

Everyone has a story. Our experiences make us who we are. In this podcast series, Grief Coach Jenny Dilts invites people to share their stories as we discover the extraordinary in ordinary people and explore humanity one heart at a time.

Joining us this time is Dee Bird who is a Certified Grief & Master Life Coach. She is currently completing her certification as a Mental Health Coach as well. Additionally, Dee hosts the podcast Unplug Grief Ministries.

Dee felt the calling to be a grief coach about 2 years after her son's death from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. During this time she watched as those with “empty words” promising to be there for her “vanished”. After digging deep into research… she learned why “trusting” friends & family vanished instead of remaining as a comforting friend.

She is originally from the concrete jungle of NY, but has lived in the south for most of her life.

Dee can be found at:


FB page: Unplug Grief Ministries- Grief & Life Coaching & Consultants

Jenny Dilts is a certified Grief Coach who specializes in helping people transform grief into growth. She does this one conversation, one heart, one experience at a time. From her personal experiences with grief, she has learned to lean in, ask questions, and reflect with gratitude on the lessons she's received from Grief. She now uses this pattern to help her clients transform their grief from foe to friend. To learn more visit her website at She can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

For more episodes of the Share Your Story series, visit

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