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Show & Tale: Artists, Inspiration & Tools

Hosted by Show & Tales

Show & Tale: Artists, Inspiration & Tools
How will you celebrate Inspire Your Heart with Art Day? Let's gather to share our/their stuff & stories💜

Was an ancestor or is a family member an artist/crafter/designer? Did you inherit a tool of their trade or have a photo or piece of artwork? Does a present-day object remind you of them or inspire you as an artist?

What or who inspired you to create at the start of your career? Or now?

Is there a card/letter you take out to read when you’re feeling down? A favorite mug or sweater that comforts you or brings a smile to your face?

Bring a piece of your personal history & share its story.

I'm thrilled to once again partner with my friend and brand new author of Keeper 829 Michael Camarillo & his wife Amanda of Novel Excursion Travel.

Bring photos, letters, lockets or locks of hair, cameras, jewelry, typewriters, pens & pencils, paintbrushes, woodworking tools, aprons, books, paintings or prints & any other object that represents or connects you to art!

Bring your ephemera, your textiles, tools & inspirational objects.

Whether they are from today or 75+ years ago, bring your past and present objects that inspire you.

Show & Tale is like Antiques Roadshow meets The Moth, or your favorite Pinterest board come to life!

Everyone is welcome to share a story about the Thing they brought. No judges, no prizes, no competition, no pitching. And no need to practice! Just show your object and share its tale.

Just want to come and listen? Awesome. Observers always welcome.


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