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Show & Tale: Love Letters, Lockets & Valentines

Hosted by Show & Tales

Show & Tale: Love Letters, Lockets & Valentines
Bring your love letters, lockets & Valentine's to show & tell💜 Bring your own, a loved ones or ancestors! And of course you don't have to share your story. You are always welcome to look & listen🤗

Show & tell or look & listen!

Join us for an evening of sharing the story of your own or your parents or grandparents love letters, lockets &/or Valentine's.

Perhaps like me you have a few Valentine cards from elementary school? Did you save a box or a singular chalky Be Mine candy? Or even share one of your best (or worst) V-Day dates!

AND all those "love" objects you've found or been inspired to buy at a flea market??? What are those stories? Why were you drawn to have it?

Photos, notes, cards, letters, books, costumes & jewelry etc connected to Valentine's Day that you'd like to share are welcome.

And remember: You don't have to show & tell, you can look & listen.


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