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Show & Tale: My Favorite Thing (Kitchen Edition)

Hosted by Show & Tales

Show & Tale: My Favorite Thing (Kitchen Edition)
What photo or object tells a kitchen tale of a loved one lost? Bring them to show and tell. Where we share stories of people who have left this plane but not our hearts.

Whether they are from today or 75+ years ago, bring your past and present photos or objects that inspire your baking, cooking, growing, and time in the kitchen with a loved one who has died.

Did you inherit their favorite cookbook(s) or recipes? What about their apron or rolling pin? Is there a kitchen gadget you use that reminds you of them? Did they have a recipe etched onto their gravestone? Do you go to a favorite restaurant you went with them?

Join me to show and tell &/or look and listen at this next story-sharing gathering with The Green-Wood Cemetery.

Bring photos, letters, kitchen gadgets, utensils, crockery, cutlery, aprons, cookbooks, any other object that represents or connects you with the memories of your loved one!

Show & Tales: where Every Thing has a story & everyone is welcome. We believe in the healing power of story-sharing to reduce isolation & loneliness and to build connections & community across differences.

Thanks Green-Wood Cemetery for sponsoring this event.

Green-Wood is a living cemetery that brings people closer to the world as it is and was, by memorializing the dead and bringing to life the art, history, and natural beauty of New York City.

Community Gathering Celebration & Remembrance


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