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Show & Tale: What Our Friends Left Behind

Hosted by Show & Tales

Show & Tale: What Our Friends Left Behind
Join me & friend grief expert Viki Noe for an evening of show and tell about our friends who died during the pandemic. Bring a photo or object that keeps the memory of your loved one alive.

Grieving the death of a friend is hard. Grieving the death of a friend during COVID has been even harder.

This pandemic has forced us to find meaningful new ways to honor and celebrate the friends who shaped our lives. If you’ve lost a friend during COVID, join us to do just that. Bring an object or photograph that connects you to that friend, and share the story of why they were so important to you.

Remember ‘show and tell’ when you were in school? This is the grown-up version: no grades, no prizes, no competition. Share a specific memory of your friendship, or how you found a way to honor them.

Join us for an evening of sharing stories of friends we loved. Laughter is not only welcome, it’s expected! Participation is not required: you’re welcome to just listen to the stories others tell.

Your co-hosts are Martie McNabb, founder of Show & Tale, and Victoria Noe, author of the Friend Grief series. Her upcoming book, Friend Grief and COVID: Pandemic Stories, focuses on the challenges and determination faced by people trying to grieve and honor their friends under extraordinary circumstances. Between them, they’ve lost over three dozen friends and family members during COVID.

Show & Tale created this particular theme because we were honored to be featured in Allison Gilbert’s book Passed & Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive.

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