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Private Event

Soul Dog Connection: A Write To Be You Grief Circle

Hosted by Write To Be You, In honor of My Soul Dog, Lilly

Soul Dog Connection: A Write To Be You Grief Circle
Join Rory Green, creator of Write To Be You, as she leads you in a meaningful opportunity to explore grief & gratitude after the loss of your Soul Dog, through guided meditation and intuitive writing.

This unique and healing Write To Be You experience will allow you the space to mourn the loss of your beloved Soul Dog, while also celebrating and honoring your deep connection to them. Please come with a photograph of your beloved, an open heart, and a willingness to grieve alongside others and share the the connection of loss and love. Please also bring a journal and a pen. Spaces are limited.

This intimate group is open to anyone who has experienced the death of their dog, either recently or in the past. If the death of your dog is very recent, and you feel like you can only talk about your own loss and hearing the stories of others might be too overwhelming, please consider contacting me for one to one work.

I am the creator of Write To Be You and the mother of my precious furgirl, Lilly, who crossed over in July of 2021. I have an MA in Integrative Arts psychotherapy and I am a certified Grief Educator.

I look forward to meeting you!

You can contact me at with questions


Writing & Literature Community Gathering Celebration & Remembrance

This event is in honor of My Soul Dog, Lilly

Lilly crossed over in July 2021. I want to offer a safe and restorative space to explore the profound grief experienced after the death of your dog and also to celebrate the boundless love.