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Stories in the Dark: Emerging from the Shadows of Illness

Hosted by Reimagine

Stories in the Dark: Emerging from the Shadows of Illness
*SOLD OUT* - Many of us tend to keep our most powerful stories hidden. Join us to shine a light on what it means to be authentically human.


The art-centric Bay Area nonprofit Reimagine is hosting Stories in the Dark to help launch our brand new Bay Area Chapter. This experience is designed to bring together people from all backgrounds to share, connect and inspire one another to transform our challenges into opportunities for healing and growth. Show up to share your own story, or simply listen and meet other amazing members from the Bay Area community.

Theme: Emerging from the Shadows of Illness

“Sometimes when you're in a dark place, you think you have been buried. But you've actually been planted." –Christine Caine

There is often a persistent dance between shadows and light on our journeys with chronic or serious illness. As Spring begins, we invite your reflections on how darker times can help new possibilities blossom. Whether you’re living with an illness yourself or are a caregiver or loved one of someone with an illness–past or present– we’d love to hear how this may resonate with you.

In particular, we invite interested participants to share a specific story based on the following prompt:

How has illness dimmed and/or brightened “your light” in unexpected ways? How has it led to new perspectives or discoveries in your life?

How storytelling works at our events: This is an invitation to speak directly from the heart. Stories do not need to be prepared in advance!

  • Toss your name in the hat
  • ~10 people will be selected to share their story
  • Stories should be 5-7 minutes long
  • True stories only

Reimagine is an inclusive nonprofit working to develop a more human, communal way of responding to life’s challenges. We believe that together we can face loss, adversity, and mortality to create a more compassionate world. We’re hosting this event in partnership with the City of San Francisco’s Palliative Care Workgroup who is sponsoring a series of events for National Healthcare Decision Day.

Note: Some of our attendees may be immunocompromised, so please be considerate in protecting them. If you’re sick, please stay at home, and if willing, wear a mask (though not required). The venue will have air purifiers.

Event Details:

The Center SF, San Francisco

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

7:00-9:00 pm

Please aim to arrive between 6:45-7:00 pm. Tea will be provided and snacks will be available for purchase.

Early bird: $15 Door: $20 (Note: If the cost is prohibitive for your attendance, please contact us at for a discount code.)

Storytelling Tips:

1. Simple structure 2. Focus your story 3. Share your emotions. 4. Follow your heart


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