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The Anthropology of Death | Mexica Cosmovision

Hosted by Passages

The Anthropology of Death | Mexica Cosmovision
An anthropological exploration of death in various cultures. The next gathering is on July 23rd, where we dive into the Mexica Cosmovision.

Within a lot of the culture of the Cemanahuac, the cycle of death was not just reserved for humans, The sun, the moon, and Tonanzin- mother Earth, and all of nature follow this cycle. The death/rebirth cycle was mirrored within all of life.

Each day after traveling the celestial sky, the sun sets and is led to Mictlan, to transmigrate, regenerate, and bring a new light and energy to fertilize the earth. Without the sun, nothing grows.

Without death, nothing is reborn.


In this upcoming gathering, we will explore our connection to our ancestors through veneration of what our Ancient Mexica Ancestors have to teach us about the life/death/rebirth cycles. Join us for a material share and guided meditation.


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