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Their Stuff, Our Stories

Hosted by Show & Tales

Their Stuff, Our Stories
What’s the favorite photo or object you inherited? Why do you keep it? How did it come into your life? What story does it tell?

Let’s gather together to share the stories of the things we keep. Each week you’ll be asked to bring a photo or object that holds a piece of the story of your loved one lost or an ancestor found.

Join us for one or all of these story-sharing gatherings focused on the theme Passed & Present. How do you keep their memories alive?

This is not a writing workshop but through the sharing of your stories you can map out a mini memoir… aka My Stuff, My Stories.

We’ll be inspiring each other by sharing the stories of our things, and providing motivation to continue to share your stories with the world.

Our 3rd session will focus on different ways to keep these stories going & growing.

Community Gathering Celebration & Remembrance


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