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What Really Matters: Harnessing the Wisdom of Loss to Thrive

Hosted by Reimagine

What can you learn after life-altering loss to live a more fulfilling life? Join death doula Alua Arthur, grief expert Claire Bidwell Smith, & Dr. BJ Miller for this workshop on thriving after loss.

We’ll explore questions such as:

-How does loss help us create a more meaningful life?

-How does facing major transition and even death give way to peace and transformation?

-How do we process all that we learned and all that we grieved in 2020 and turn it around in a way that helps us live more fully?

Join grief and anxiety expert and author, Claire Bidwell Smith; death doula, attorney, adjunct professor, and ordained minister, Alua Arthur; and physician, author, and Mettle Health founder, Dr. BJ Miller, for a life-changing discussion exploring life, love, and loss.

This event is a preview of Claire, Alua and BJ's upcoming in-person retreat, "What Really Matters, Oct. 15-17, at the Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC. Learn more.


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