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What to Do When You Don't Do Grief

What to Do When You Don't Do Grief
Have you ever wondered if you're grieving the right way? Do you get frustrated when others tell you you're not? Grief is both universal and individual. Explore your style in this Grief buffet.

What to Do when you Don't do Grief is a fun-filled workshop where we will explore how processing Grief is like a buffet with items such as spaghetti, waffles, and tenderized meat. Grief Coaches Jenny Dilts and Jenna Bonner will lay out a spread of offerings about Grief and invite conversation on how people process it. We will discuss how Grief is both a universal part of the human experience and how it is uniquely individual.

Other topics will include:

*Understanding collective Grief

*Validating your own grieving process

*Respecting others' journeys

*Finding your people in Grief

Talk, Panel, & Conversation Workshop Community Gathering


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