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What to Do When You Don't Do Grief

Hosted by Grieving Coach

What to Do When You Don't Do Grief
Have you ever wondered if you're grieving the right way? Do you get frustrated when others tell you you're not? Grief is both universal and individual. Find out how in this interactive workshop.

Our workshop is called What To Do When You Don't Do Grief. In it we'll talk about the universality of Grief, as well as the individual nature of how it presents itself. We'll also explore the difference between grieving, mourning, and bereavement and how these can be unique to each of us.

Other topics will include:

*Understanding collective Grief

*Validating your own grieving process

*Respecting others' journeys

*Finding your people in Grief

Previous participants expressed feeling comforted and validated knowing that they weren't alone in their grief journey, even though by society's terms, they were grieving "incorrectly" or "abnormally." Come find a supportive community of grievers that allows you to show up as you are and process your grief in a way that feels natural to you.

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