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When acceptance is elusive, an empathy/movement experience

Hosted by Sasha Soreff

When acceptance is elusive, an empathy/movement experience
Acceptance can be like a breath of fresh air- but sometimes, we're just not there. This experiential workshop explores the discomfort of non-acceptance, with empathy and movement.

Acceptance can bring so much relief and detachment, but what if it's not available? What if the yearning for how things SHOULD be is so much more vivid than than how things actually are? What if the pain/anguish/disconnect/disbelief that circumstances are as they are outweighs any sense of equanimity?

Empathic conversation, rooted in the principles of Non-Violent Communication and coupled with creative movement, invites us to connect with what it is to be in states of agitation, anger, pain, disbelief when equanimity isn't . We'll bring compassion, support, meditation and embodiment practices to the experience of elusive acceptance.

Note: All movement can be done seated, and all movement invitations are optional; all forms of creative expression and embodiment, including stillness, is welcome.

About Sasha Soreff

Sasha Soreff is a New York City-based choreographer, dance teacher, transformational coach, empathy/movement facilitator, and cancer journeyer.

In workshops, Sasha weaves relational neuroscience, somatic movement, and transformational principles together, to support participants to discover deep self-connection and soulful expression—resulting in powerful, life-enhancing insights. Whatever mode of expression feels authentic and comfortable -including stillness - is welcome.


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