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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Grace Lessons—Mindfully Living Fully in the Face of Loss

Grace Lessons—Mindfully Living Fully in the Face of Loss
Are you ready to awaken, heal, and live your best life through loss? Join me on a journey to lean into our loss stories together, uncovering that heart space where grief and resilience live together.

“I think I’m dying. I want you to tell people.” Those ten words completely changed the trajectory of Laurie O’Neil’s, life. A grief and loss specialist, and co-author of Graceful Woman Warrior, Laurie fulfilled a promise to her dying niece and co-author, Terri Luanna da Silva, to publish Terri's compelling blog about mindfully living and dying with metastatic breast cancer. Utilizing Terri’s transcendent teachings to develop the accompanying Grace Lessons Workshop, Laurie presents her groundbreaking roadmap for healing, enlightenment, and transformation around your loss stories in this powerful, interactive workshop,

Grounded in the Serenity Prayer and comprised of three sections; Acceptance, Activation, and Awakening, Grace Lessons shine a light into the darkness of grief—a light of hope, healing, remembrance and meaning-making. Through experiential exercises, writing, guided meditations, music, and inquiry, Laurie (and Terri) invite you to honor and illuminate your grief—tending to your pain with loving kindness and self-compassion—in order to discover a newfound capacity to live and love more fully, more vividly, more fearlessly, and more intently.

Become part of our shared story of love, loss, and living beyond…

Space is limited to 25

Laurie O'Neil is a social worker, speaker, and author who devoted her 40-year career to enlightening, empowering, and engaging others in the critical power of loving connection—to themselves, those they love, and their fellow human beings. Laurie embraces the titles, Love Hero, and Artist of Humanity, bestowed upon her by her great-niece and dear friend, Dr. Christa Johnson. Specializing in grief and loss, Laurie gives voice to the transformative and healing power found within our shared loss stories.

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