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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Honouring Your Ancestors; Healing Wounds of Heart & Heritage

Hosted by Lisa Lewak

Honouring Your Ancestors; Healing Wounds of Heart & Heritage
Shamanic Ceremony/Guided Meditation; Healing wounds of Heritage: loss, trauma, separation. Connecting to your Heart space. Cultivating self love. Opening your Heart to remember who you truly are.

We all have the choice to Heal the Seven Generations who came before us & the Seven Generations who will follow us. You are the pivotal part in this healing & making this decision can change your whole life & those of your lineage.

Many of us have been cut off, disconnected or lost touch with our past & our ancestors. When this happens we lose part of who we are & often find ourselves wandering aimlessly. Many of us ask questions; where did I come from, why am I here, where am I going & who am I. In the past when our line had been maintained, all generations lived in close quarters, teachings & knowledge were past down, most of us would have been able to answer these questions. Today that is not the case.

My own family were persecuted & had to leave their ancestral homeland. They were forced to leave everything behind, arrive in a new, foreign country & start all over again. My whole line had been scattered around the world. It was impossible to find out anything about my ancestors from their place of origin as this information had been destroyed. I only had the stories my grandparents would tell. It was only so much later on in my life that I realised how important these stories were & I started seeking out members of my dispersed family. Slowly, slowly over the years I started to piece together more details & get a clearer picture of my heritage.

Through my extensive Shamanic training & experience I have come to understand the importance of re-connecting to my roots, my ancestors & my lineage. Finding this bridge has changed my life. I have been able to tap into the collective knowledge & feel the support of my group to continue to move forward.

This simple Shamanic ceremony/guided meditation will allow you to re-set the button, open a doorway; physically, emotionally & spiritually to your real lineage. Once you step across the threshold you can begin to heal wounds of loss, loneliness, separation & trauma. In ceremony/meditation we can cross dimensions & worlds. We can reconnect as if in a dream. We can set intentions & work towards healing, ask questions, receive answers & re-weave the web.

Come & join me so you can know more about who you are & where you come from.

Vision: Transform & Celebrate life

Mission: To accompany & guide people to go beyond loss, loneliness, separation, trauma, pain, through a path of Heart Healing, where you learn how to love yourself & how to love life.

Type: Health/Wellness, Spirituality, Interactive Ritual

Resources: Book – Loving Who I Am; A Journey to the Heart…

Ritual & Ceremony Workshop


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