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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Living Your Aha Moment: From Realization to Reality

Living Your Aha Moment: From Realization to Reality
In this two-hour workshop, we will illuminate the glory of the aha moment, why most people never act on it, why you should and how you can.

Our lives are made up of moments when we receive intuitive knowing or divine guidance; we receive a flash of insight that reveals to us something we didn't know before. Oprah calls this the “aha” moment, and it is at the core of any good story or purpose journey. Discovering how to act on these aha moments isn’t always clear, however.

How might we understand our aha moments related to loss, and how might we use them to send us deeper into our life purpose? Join us as we gather to make room in our lives to honor the blessings of the aha moment and explore how paying attention to those and acting on them can bring us more in alignment with our soul purpose and bring us a more fulfilling and rich life. In the first half of our session, we’ll go inward, with the supportive practices of journaling, group sharing, and meditation, as we explore this question together. In the second half, we’ll walk through a powerful inquiry into how to take tangible steps toward a new vision of your life. Through these exercises, you will connect to a new aha moment or a deeper understanding of a recent one, gather tools to turn aha moments into reality, which can help inform our lives.

In this workshop, we’ll:

  • Define the aha moment and the four traits that make up an aha moment
  • Lead you through a guided meditation to discover your aha moment
  • Show you how we can all begin defining our purpose with the aha moment in the center, using a simple 4-step framework: story, vision, skills, and action

Please note this is a participatory event. We will be submitting responses to the group chat and breaking out into smaller groups. Please keep your video on to contribute to a safe space for all to share.

Please bring:

  • Journal or paper and pen
  • (optional) - Come with a sticky situation that might benefit from an aha moment, or come with an aha moment you’re hoping to act on.

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