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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Motherless Mother's Day: Empathy Workshop w/Kelsey Crowe

Motherless Mother's Day: Empathy Workshop w/Kelsey Crowe
Join an empathy bootcamp led by Dr. Kelsey Crowe, co-author of "There's No Good Card For This" with Emily McDowell.

This event is part of the Motherless Mother's Day series. All Motherless Mother's Day events are by donation and ALL funds generated will go directly to each individual event's host. You will receive a link to donate directly to your host in a follow-up email from the organizer.

With the use of personal story and social science research, this workshop helps people uncover what's hard about asking for help, and what's hard about giving help to others in their difficult time. People use their own experiences with failed connections, both as a giver and receiver, to learn highly specific, practical tools for promoting empathy that can be applied by anybody.

Recommended supplies needed:

  • copy of Dr. Kelsey Crowe and Emily McDowell's book "There's No Good Card For This"

About the host: Dr. Kelsey Crowe is the co-author with Emily McDowell of the book There Is No Good Card for This: What to do and say when life is scary, awful, and unfair to the people you love. Her work has been featured on NPR, Wall Street Journal,, Forbes, and elsewhere. Using personal storytelling and her social science research, she shares tips and life realities about being there for others that makes empathy in times of suffering more doable for who we are, and where we are in our life. She hopes for a day when no one has to suffer alone simply because others didn't know what to do or say.