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POSTPONED 1 WEEK - Writing towards Healing

Hosted by Sharing Solace
POSTPONED 1 WEEK - Writing towards Healing
Head > Heart > Hand > Hope. Journaling your way to your new Normal - for the non-journaler.

We've all heard that writing and journaling is the 'best' way to start healing...but a blank sheet of paper is so daunting and overwhelming. If a 'recovering tax accountant' can teach herself to journal - to the point of being sought out to publish her first best selling book - then anyone can. Including you!

There's something very meaningful about getting your thoughts and feelings from head to heart to hand to hope - whether you choose to write for yourself or for the masses. Learn her secrets and the baby steps she used to take her hot mess to an haute message - plus get a special excerpt from her just released book 'Confessions of a Griever'!