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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Three Weeks to Live - Session 1 - Seeing the End

Hosted by Jessica Murby

Three Weeks to Live - Session 1 - Seeing the End
How may ‘seeing the end of all things’ serve our lives? My co-host and I came to realize the benefits of this practice through very different means that involved us facing our own deaths...

‘Our love of everything includes its inevitable end in one way or another, instead of that making it all meaningless, maybe it’s the very thing that makes life and love worth it?’ < That’s me quoting myself from my book, Alive for Now. And that question is reminiscent of the work we’ll do together. Instead of attempting to give answers to the mysteries of life and death, we are here to facilitate, to ask questions, to encourage others to explore without giving advice. This is a guided journey in diving into what can be easily ignored for a lifetime, and to experience the magic that can transpire when we do so in a group.

This particular class explores how “seeing the end of all things” may serve our lives. This will be co-led by Rites of Passage founder, Kristabeth Atwood. Kristabeth and I magically came to this same life lesson through very different means that involved us being forced to face our own death. Realizing that we had this in common was such a synchronistic moment that we felt we must bring this work to others.

This is class 1 of my ‘Three Weeks to Live’ series. Sign up for all classes, or drop in as you like! This workshop series includes guided meditation, contemplative practices, making plans for ‘what we leave behind’ our bodies, setting goals based on the insights we gain, and much more. The topics that we’ll explore include the chapters of ‘Alive for Now’ which you may preview here:

Jessica Murby is an author, occupational therapist, hospice volunteer, yogi, etc. that has a rare freakish adrenaline tumor condition- the experience of which has led to much of this work :).

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