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Aquí Descansamos (Día de Muertos Virtual Tour & Artist Talk)

Aquí Descansamos (Día de Muertos Virtual Tour & Artist Talk)
Join artist Brianna Lynn Hernández Baurichter for a discussion on her new piece "Aquí Descansamos", a living cemetery composed of floral sculptures in place of gravestones.

Artist Brianna Lynn Hernández Baurichter will discuss her new piece, Aquí Descansamos as part of Walker's Point Center for the Arts 28th Annual Día de los Muertos exhibition.

Mirroring the shape of common grave-markers, Aquí Descansamos presents an alternate form of memorial, contrasting the somber, grey-stone visuals of traditional cemeteries with color, growth, decomposition, and renewal. This living cemetery offers a space to celebrate life’s vibrancy and beauty while acknowledging its temporary and ever-changing nature.

No matter how we choose to honor the dead, we will all face loss one day and find ourselves seeking comfort in ritual and memorialization. In reminding us of our universal experience of grief as human beings, Aquí Descansamos honors the dead while providing space to imagine a future where we rest alongside them. How we choose to memorialize our loved ones, and wish to be memorialized ourselves, is entirely up to us.

Visit Brianna's website to see more death and grief-based artwork and visit Walker's Point Center for the Arts to see the virtual tour of the space and video-recording of dancers interacting with the artwork. &


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