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Grief Journey with Hope Edelman and Bradley Vinson

Hosted by Reimagine

Grief Journey with Hope Edelman and Bradley Vinson
Living With Loss: Join grief advocate Bradley Vinson & bestselling author Hope Edelman (The AfterGrief) for an exploration of the long arc of loss.

This will be an experiential discussion about how we do not “get over” major losses but learn how to carry them forward, instead. The session will include small and large group discussions, and self-reflective exercises.

About the Grief Journey | Navigating Life After Loss Three-Part Series:

Join us as we explore grief and mourning through personal stories from world recognized grief specialists as they share practical tips, tools and techniques to help you grieve. This engaging and interactive three-part online series will include time for in depth conversations with the presenters, mediations, personal reflections, writing and small group discussions. Our goal is to create loving and supportive spaces in which your grief can be witnessed, and you can learn how to authentically mourn the losses in your life.

This series is produced by Garrick Colwell, co-founder of Kitchen Table Conversations, and Reimagine's Program Director, Dara Kosberg.

About the Facilitators:


Husband to his better two-thirds, father of three, grandfather of five and servant. The death of one of his five grandchildren, the only girl, Alanna, while in pursuit of my Masters in Biblical and Theological Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, changed his ministry direction thrusting him into service of the grieving community.

Bradley Vinson serves as a keynote speaker and trainer, presenting on grief topics including self-care, grandparent grief, and bereavement care all while giving his transformative testimony of hope through his first-hand experience and heartache of losing a grandchild and the complication that comes with being a grieving grandparent and caregiver.

Vinson works with schools, businesses, organizations, and churches, helping them create a safe landing space and continued care for those returning to their communities after a grief event. He serves grievers directly as well with a message of Hope and Healing, how to return to the ‘world’ (family, friends, work, etc) and remain productive in their post-grief-event state.

HOPE EDELMAN has been writing, speaking, and leading workshops and retreats in the bereavement field for more than 25 years. She was 17 when she lost her mother to breast cancer and 40 when her father died, events that inspired her to offer grief education and support to those who cannot otherwise receive it.

Her newest book, The Aftergrief: Finding You Way Along the Long Arc of Loss, was released this October. Her first book, Motherless Daughters, was a #1 New York Times bestseller and appeared on multiple bestseller lists worldwide. Her work has been translated into 14 languages and published in 11 countries. Hope is the author of seven additional nonfiction books. She was the recipient of the 2020 Community Educator Award from the Association for Death Education and Counseling and has won a Puschcart Prize for her creative nonfiction.

In addition to writing and speaking, she is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and also leads nonfiction workshops to help writers tell, revisit, and revise their stories of loss. Hope lives and works in Los Angeles and Iowa City.

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