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When Night Falls: A Memory Gathering Experience

When Night Falls: A Memory Gathering Experience
As part of The Gratitude Gathering, join Oceana Sawyer and Naila Francis for a soulful time of remembering departed loved ones through poetry, journaling, and storytelling.

NOTE: "When Night Falls: A Memory Gathering Experience" is part of The Gratitude Gathering Retreat, which starts the evening of Nov. 20.

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Join us for a soulful time of remembering departed loved ones through the powerful medium of language - both written and spoken. Across the terrain of poetry, journaling, and storytelling, we source resilience in the gifts that have been left behind to feed our souls.

Meet your hosts:

Oceana Sawyer is an end-of-life doula specializing in the liminal space of active dying and after death bereavement. She writes and facilitates workshops on the topic of embodied grief, and in particular as it relates to the experience of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. Holding space for death cafes and private virtual living funerals are also among the pleasures of her work. She is also available for remote consultation for end-of-life planning and keeping vigil at the end of life. New programs are currently in development. Stay in touch via her website.

Naila Francis is a writer, grief coach, death midwife and ordained interfaith minister. She worked for many years as a journalist profiling artists and entertainers such as Brandi Carlile, Mavis Staples, Audra McDonald, k.d. lang and James Earls Jones. Being present at her dad's death bed eventually led to her work creating and holding space for the dying and the grieving. Learn more at:,, and


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