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This event was part of Reimagine Events

A Community Vigil for Our Collective Pain

Hosted by Reimagine

Let's come together, carving out a space where we can hold, honor, and navigate our feelings, extending compassion to ourselves and to each other during these challenging times.

In the face of the horrific terrorism towards Israel and the traumatic deaths in Israel and Gaza, the global community finds itself enveloped in a profound shared sorrow. These events remind us how grief, in its rawest form, universally connects us, moving beyond borders, cultures, and beliefs.

Such immense global heartache often stirs a vast array of emotions – from shock and despair to a profound sense of loss and anger. In these moments, the enormity can render us feeling adrift, questioning, "How can we possibly find grounding amidst such expansive sorrow?"

Yet, these are the very moments that beckon us closer – to not only grapple with our own emotions but also to resonate with the collective heartache echoing through our global community. There's power in our shared vulnerability, offering us avenues for strength, solace, and unity.


Ritual & Ceremony
Grief Isolation & Connection