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Benefits of Grief

Hosted by Grieving Coach

How do you feel about grief? What if we could see grief as a gift to the soul? In this discussion, we will discuss why we avoid grief, how society contributes to this, and how we can shift our perspective about it.

Grief Coach Jenny Dilts and author Robert Pardi will lead a conversation about the benefits we can receive in and from our grief experiences. Does our soul have capacity to move through loss and recognize the blessings of grief?


Jenny Dilts is the founder of Grieving Coach and host of the podcast Share Your Story: Exploring Humanity One Soul at a Time.

Through her journey as a grief coach, Jenny has completely transformed her own life from not knowing who she was and living in the shadows, to shining as an expert not only in the field of grief, but also in her own life as a wife and mom of 5.

In working with her, Jenny’s clients experience similar transformations. They go from feeling lost and unsure of themselves to standing confidently in their identity and moving forward with clarity and vision. To learn more about her and her work visit

Robert Pardi is a three-time author, as well as a well-known, compelling international keynote speaker, transformational life coach, and adjunct professor.

After his young wife passed away of metastatic breast cancer, Robert re-imagined his life to achieve new dreams. He chose to leave his comfort zone by changing everything to share the many lessons he’s learned. He now splits his time between his native New York and his ancestral Italian village Pacentro.

Robert has an MBA in finance from Columbia University and has lived in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Rome.

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