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Create a Legacy Cookbook

Hosted by Life Story Club

Create a Legacy Cookbook
Create your own legacy cookbook, complete with family stories and treasured family recipes.

We invite you a special monthly Life Story Club series where we come together to create our own Legacy Cookbooks! The groups will meet over Zoom to share life stories around treasured family recipes and traditions.

Each session, we'll ask you to share with us a family recipe and a story related to this recipe. This makes for a fun-filled workshop and community bonding experience.

This series is limited to 10 participants, so register as soon as you can!


The Life Story Club is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting healthy aging and reducing social isolation of older adults. We do this through the club meetings we run, where we guide groups of participants through sharing their life stories. We've worked with various community-based organizations, including public libraries, the Alzheimer's Foundation of America, as well as hundreds of individuals to preserve the life stories of their loved ones.


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