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Let's Experience: Fostering Post-Traumatic Growth Through Service

Hosted by Reimagine

In this interactive mindfulness and meditation workshop, join a renowned Prison Yoga Project yoga teacher to explore how we can be students of life and live from a place of service to unlock the power of transforming pain, loss, and trauma into growth and action.

This interactive workshop delves deeper into how service can become a tool for healing and personal growth. Led by renowned yoga and meditation teacher, Peter Walters, we will engage in group exercises and dialogue designed to explore how service can unlock the power of post-traumatic growth. As a Prison Yoga Project yoga teacher, Peter has spent a few years sharing practices of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and embodiment with inmates in San Quentin prison. Through this, he has unveiled unique insights into how we can transform even the hardest things in life into meaning and opportunity.

From finding the courage to share personal experiences to learning how to translate them into acts of service, this workshop will provide a practical toolkit to foster resilience and purpose. Participants will also partake in a guided mindfulness and meditation practice.

Peter Walters Bio

Peter Walters is a San Francisco Bay Area based yoga teacher, practitioner of kindness, and a devoted student of life. He teaches an experiential, music-infused, devotional vinyasa class with a playful, soulful and joyous spirit.

Peter is on a mission to help people become students of their lives-- to soften their edges, to find devotion, to practice unconditional love, to open their hearts and voices so they may truly Begin Again.

When he's not teaching you can find him running (slowly), motorcycling windy roads (quickly), hiking mountains and volunteering with The Prison Yoga Project.

Peter has studied extensively with Rusty Wells, Janet Stone and Jason Crandall. Come ready to sweat, chant and offer everything up to the heart of the Beloved! OM

Follow Peter’s journey on Instagram and check out his upcoming retreats and schedule

About Prison Yoga Project

Prison Yoga Project is an awesome nonprofit organization that provides trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness practices to incarcerated people around the world. The effects of this are enormous – rehabilitation, reduction of recidivism, improved public safety, and the mental health of people who may have been locked up for decades! I found this organization in a time when yoga was feeling like an indulgence – a privilege only for people of means. I wanted to share what I love with marginalized populations and people who could help in a different, yet hugely meaningful way. Since I began working with them, I’ve had the honor of sharing the practice with incarcerated men at San Quentin State Prison. It’s amazing to be in that type of ‘hard’ environment and see first hand how much the practice helps. One guy who used to practice with me inside was released during the pandemic and actually came on a local retreat with me and we’re now friends. It’s pretty remarkable.

About Reimagine and the “Transforming Adversity to Acts of Service” series

Reimagine is a nonprofit organization catalyzing a uniquely powerful community of diverse backgrounds, ages, races, and faiths, coming together to heal ourselves and the world. Our transformative event series, "Transforming Adversity into Acts of Service," delves into the profound impact of acts of service on personal growth and community empowerment. Join us in exploring how service can create a ripple effect of healing, connection, and empowerment, and discover the potential of service to transform pain, loss, grief, and adversity into a pathway of living a life of purpose and positive change. Together, let's uncover the transformative power of service and foster a sense of belonging in the face of challenges.



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