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Let's Learn: Unearthing the Power of Service Amid Adversity

Hosted by Reimagine

Discover the Transformative Power of Acts of Service! Join Becca Bernstein, Marisa Renee Lee, Julian Pistone, and Shekinah Eliassen as they explore how service can create a ripple effect of healing, connection, and empowerment amid adversity.

Join us for an enlightening discussion as we kick off our transformative three-part series, "Transforming Adversity into Acts of Service." In this event, we will explore the profound impact of acts of service on our personal growth and the communities around us.

Our distinguished speakers, Becca Bernstein, Head of Option B, and Marisa Renee Lee, former staff in the Obama administration and author of "Grief is Love," along with Julian Pistone, co-founder of cor•age, and Shekinah Eliassen, CEO of George Mark Children's House, will share their experiences, insights, and advice on how service can become a powerful tool for navigating adversity, fostering resilience, unity, and purpose.

In this discussion, we aim to inspire and educate on the empowering potential of service, from small acts of kindness to impactful social initiatives. Be prepared for a thought-provoking conversation that sets the stage for our August series, where we'll explore the transformative power of acts of service and their potential to bring about profound growth, unity, and positive change in the world.

Join us as we embark on this journey of discovering the profound impact of acts of service, and uncover the ways we can transform adversity into meaningful action and healing. This event promises to inspire, educate, and empower, setting the tone for a series of engaging discussions and transformative workshops to come.

Becca Bernstein Bio

Becca Bernstein (they/them) has dedicated their career to transforming the ways that we talk about - and heal from - loss and hardship. Becca served for four years as the National Community Director of The Dinner Party, an organization that connects grievers in their 20s, 30s, and early 40s to each other to engage in peer community and support. They are the founder of Collective Care Consulting and Trainings, which strives to teach people the infrastructure for how to more deeply connect with one another in an age of loneliness and isolation. And they are currently the Head of Option B out of the Sheryl Sandberg, Dave Goldberg, and Tom Bernthal Family Foundation, which reached over 18 million people in the last year with education and support for those who are facing loss and hardship themselves and those who are supporting loved ones through life's hardest moments. Becca lives in Chicago, Illinois, with their sweet dog, Pepper, surrounded by a network of chosen and biological family that's been strengthened by the experience of loss.

Marisa Renee Lee Bio

Marisa Renee Lee is a called-upon grief advocate, entrepreneur, and bestselling author of "Grief is Love."

Deemed "the friend we all wish we had in times of need" by Elaine Welteroth, Marisa is able to utilize research-based advice and wisdom to help others navigate the complicated and dark emotions we face when experiencing loss, offering unique insights for women and Black communities.

In addition to her work in the grief space, Lee is a former appointee in the Obama White House and CEO of Beacon Advisors, a mission-driven consulting firm primarily focused on racial equity. She is a rabble-rouser of social healing: former managing director of My Brother's Keeper Alliance; co-founder of the digital platform Supportal; and founder of The Pink Agenda, a national organization dedicated to raising money for breast cancer care, research, and awareness.

Lee also regularly contributes to Glamour, Vogue, the Atlantic, MSNBC, and CNN and serves as an expert for Ritual's well-being app. She is a Harvard graduate and an avid home cook. Marisa lives in upstate New York with her husband, Matt, their son Bennett, and their dog, Sadie.

Julian Pistone Bio

Julian Pistone is a buddhist practitioner with 10 years experience at Google, where he led well-being initiatives across Europe and Latin America. After losing his father to cancer and recovering from a long-term health battle, Julian co-founded 𝐜𝐨𝐫•𝐚𝐠𝐞, a series of death contemplation retreats. His gatherings run alongside pioneering experts in psychedelic therapy and unite global change-makers: impact founders, activists, business leaders, philanthropists, creatives, war zone correspondents, and beyond. The goal: to help participants embrace mortality, and connect with death as the catalyst for greater purpose and societal impact.

Julian has spoken on courage at TEDx and LEAP, the digital Davos. He is currently producing an interview series with Joshua Sage, the award-winning filmmaker and social entrepreneur, to share stories of how adversity and loss can fuel bravery and meaning. He is passionate about transpersonal psychology, off-the-beaten-track traveling and pizza.

Shekinah Eliassen Bio

Shekinah has over 20 years of experience in Business Strategy, Brand Management, and eCommerce. She is passionate about building brands and organizations with purpose. She has lived in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and London, where she developed teams to build brands and digital disruption at Unilever and Clorox.

She increased her involvement in philanthropy and service focused organizations since 2012 when she and her husband, Peter, lost their first son, Lars, at three weeks old to a terminal brain condition. Shekinah and Peter savored the days they had with Lars at the heartwarming George Mark Children’s House in San Leandro, CA. Shekinah continued her professional career while always staying connected to GMCH, including joining as a Board Member in August 2020.

In October 2022, Shekinah was named CEO of GMCH, where she’s leading the organization in providing respite and palliative care for children and families in the Bay Area. Shekinah is blessed with an incredible husband, Peter, and two energetic children, Finley (9) and Isak (7).

About George Mark Children’s House

George Mark Children’s House, located in San Leandro, California, focuses on quality of life and continuity of care for children with illnesses that modern healthcare cannot yet cure, or for those who have chronic medical conditions.

About Reimagine and the “Transforming Adversity to Acts of Service” series

Reimagine is a nonprofit organization catalyzing a uniquely powerful community of diverse backgrounds, ages, races, and faiths, coming together to heal ourselves and the world. Our transformative event series, "Transforming Adversity into Acts of Service," delves into the profound impact of acts of service on personal growth and community empowerment. Join us in exploring how service can create a ripple effect of healing, connection, and empowerment, and discover the potential of service to transform pain, loss, grief, and adversity into a pathway of living a life of purpose and positive change. Together, let's uncover the transformative power of service and foster a sense of belonging in the face of challenges.


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