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Let's Take Action: Discovering Your Service Path

Hosted by Reimagine

Dive into the transformative power of courage and service with Julian Pistone and Sabina de Duonni. Let's explore how adversities can turn into strength, bravery, and impactful action.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and service? Join us for an empowering session, "Discovering Your Service Path," where we'll delve into the profound impact of service on personal growth and the world around us. Led by Julian Pistone, a seasoned advisor, keynote speaker, Buddhist practitioner, and founder, along with Sabina de Duonni, somatic coach and Mental Health Lead, this participatory event will ignite meaningful discussions about the transformative power of service in your own life. Through guided conversations and breakout groups, you'll identify areas where you can be of service to others or yourself, turning your adversities into a source of strength and impactful action. Unleash your potential, embrace your purpose, and let's take action together for positive change.

Julian Pistone Bio

Julian Pistone is an esteemed advisor, keynote speaker, and Buddhist practitioner with a decade of experience at Google, where he led well-being initiatives across EMEA and LATAM. Passionate about purpose-driven leadership, Julian is also a podcaster, sharing insights on courage and transformation. With a deep-rooted interest in Buddhist philosophy and transpersonal psychology, Julian's mission is to inspire others to live authentically and align with their true purpose.

Sabina de Duonni Bio

Sabina de Duonni is an advocate for well-being and authentic living. Her journey of self-discovery began with profound reflection after experiencing life's challenges. Drawing upon her academic background in Psychology and Neuroscience, Sabina immersed herself in the film, business, and technology industries. Through personal transformation, she uncovered the power of listening to her emotions, connecting strengths, passions, and skills, and living with purpose. Now, as a well-being advocate, Sabina guides others to embrace their unique path and discover their potential for meaningful impact.

About Reimagine and the “Transforming Adversity to Acts of Service” series

Reimagine is a nonprofit organization catalyzing a uniquely powerful community of diverse backgrounds, ages, races, and faiths, coming together to heal ourselves and the world. Our transformative event series, "Transforming Adversity into Acts of Service," delves into the profound impact of acts of service on personal growth and community empowerment. Join us in exploring how service can create a ripple effect of healing, connection, and empowerment, and discover the potential of service to transform pain, loss, grief, and adversity into a pathway of living a life of purpose and positive change. Together, let's uncover the transformative power of service and foster a sense of belonging in the face of challenges.

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