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Totems & Transformations: An Art & Meditation Workshop

Hosted by Reimagine

Artist Veronica De Jesus leads a visual art and meditation exercise for people seeking to transform grief and loss into a totem for transformation and growth.

Visual artist Veronica De Jesus will guide participants - of all levels of experience and skill – in the creation of a unique figure that allows for insights into one’s experience of grief and loss. Veronica will share stories about her family and her Taino ancestors from Morovis, Puerto Rico. Using her paper template of Batman which can be downloaded in advance (see link below), Veronica will guide participants in the creation of a Batman totem to be used as a tool for transformation, meditation or healing, and to connect with ancestors and mentors. Batman is a trauma survivor and a superhero without superpowers who seeks purpose and justice. Veronica’s Batman totem is her father, the descendent of jíbaros or farmers. Your unique Batman can be anything you want it to be.

Please watch this orientation and demonstration video in advance of the workshop.


Veronica De Jesus Batman template


Card Stock paper or heavier paper is recommended but not required

Your choice of drawing and or painting supplies. One set of color pencils will work great or some colored pens. One pencil or pen is always nice to have handy.

One small ruler or something with a straight edge

Veronica De Jesus (American, born 1970)

Veronica De Jesus illustrates life as an American, in all its varied splendor. Drawing on pop culture icons, sports, heroes and villains, and more, she draws our complex world into focus. Her work also explores identity and the ways we hide and reveal elements of our personalities.

De Jesus earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from San Francisco Art Institute and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley. She was raised in several American cities and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.



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