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Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action
This event was part of Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action

TALK 'Creativity, Grief, and End of Life Care Planning'

TALK 'Creativity, Grief, and End of Life Care Planning'
THIS TALK HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS! We apologize for the change, and will attempt to reschedule next week. The gallery is open 2-8pm for 'Quietus' + 'Deidades'. -Marne Lucas /Bardo ∞ Project

‘A Community Conversation- Creativity, Grief and End of Life Care Planning’

An informal discussion on community health, grief, legacy, and end of life care planning will be discussed, and audience dialogue is encouraged. Refreshments will be served.

*Event is free, ADA accessible, open to the public of all ages, and will be live-streamed on Instagram and Facebook.


Marne Lucas is a multidisciplinary artist based in Harlem, New York whose practice spans photography, video and sculpture and social practice. Lucas works at the intersection of art, activism and health, using conceptual overlaps: life’s energy, intimacy, the body, mortality and transformation. The ‘Bardo ∞ Project explores creativity as a form of spiritual care in collaborations with terminally ill artists to best establish their legacy. Towards this endeavor Lucas trained to be an End of Life Doula, a role that supports the dying and their families. Lucas exhibits worldwide at Plaxall Gallery (NYC), The Brand Library (Los Angeles), PICA (Oregon), Fremantle Arts Centre (Perth, AU), and Space Plus (Lincoln, U.K), Peltz Gallery (London). Lucas received UMEZ Creative Engagement grants in 2021, 2018 administered by the LMCC (NYC.)

Avery Leora Ross is a dedicated and resourceful community and family advocate with ten years of positive impact working within agency settings serving countless families in the New York area. Skilled at needs assessment for bereavement programs and group facilitation coupled with versatile leadership and project management skills. As a volunteer with the Hospice of New York and the Services Program for Older People, Avery’s calling as a grief counselor and bereavement facilitator, has compelled her desire to support and reframe the tasks associated with the loss of a loved one giving the group/ individual an opportunity to acknowledge and accept the natural stages of loss and guiding them through the process of creating a new normal. As a budding gerontologist, and a member of the Gerontological Society of America, Hospice, Palliative and End-of- Life Care division, Avery’s desire and compassion for all New Yorkers to have the right to choose their end-of- life care has ignited her to advocate for the Medical-Aid in Dying Act that has passed in eight states and is on the schedule to be passed here in New York State has joined forces with End-of-Life Choices and Compassion and Choices.

Mangda Sengvanhphen is a mixed media artist, an energy healing practitioner and the founder of BACII. Through her creative and healing platform, BACII - she seeks to illuminate the end of life, while exploring our relationship to our mortality. Her work is guided by her Laotian last name, which means “the light of the full moon.” Mangda lives and works in Manhattan, New York.


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